What is in Yogurt that is Good for You

What is in Yogurt that is Good for You

Yogurt is absolutely good for you and you shouldn’t leave it out of your diet. There are many health benefits for both infants and elderly persons. So, What is in Yogurt that is Good for You? Here are some health benefits of having a yogurt in your diet..

For these, yogurt good for you :

Yogurt May Reduce the Risk of High Blood Pressure so yogurt good for you:

Yogurt can decrease the blood cholesterol according to several studies, Cholesterol ratio is a strong indicator of your risk of heart attack


Yogurt is an extraordinary source of protein so yogurt good for you:

Yogurt is good for you for get a dose of protein (around 10 grams of protein per 7 ounces; almost 20% of the daily protein requirement for the average person). proteins in yogurt are easier to digest because of the culturing of the milk proteins during the fermentation process used to make yogurt

Yogurt promotes good colon health so yogurt good for you:

It contains an intestine-friendly bacterial culture known as Lactobacteria which promotes good colon health. and It is extremely rich in calcium, which has been shown to benefit colon health. Calcium intake can also reduce the risk of colon cancer by discouraging excess cell growth in the colon lining, Studies have shown that taking 1,200 milligrams of calcium per day reduced the risk of colorectal cancer by as much as 75%.

Yogurt useful after intestinal infections so yogurt good for you:

Many pediatricians recommend yogurt for children suffering from various forms of indigestion. Research shows that children recover faster from diarrhea when eating yogurt. It's good to eat yogurt while taking antibiotics. The yogurt will minimize the effects of the antibiotic on the friendly bacteria in the intestines.

Yogurt can lower yeast infections so yogurt good for you:

For women, eating eight ounces of probiotic yogurt a daily reduces the amount of yeast colonies in the vagina and can also lower the incidence of vaginal yeast infections.



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