Sources of Good Bacteria

That intake of healthy bacteria foods, will benefit the body. Sources of good bacteria are called probiotics. A probiotic is any food containing living organisms. Probiotics have been found to aid with the absorption of nutrients, production of vitamin K, and helps with the necessary and balanced maintenance of good bacteria in the intestines.

Listed below are foods sources of good bacteria to help you live a Optimal healthy life..

Sources of Good Bacteria:

Yogurt: yogurt is source of Good Bacteria. Absolutely good for you and you shouldn’t leave it out of your diet. There are many health benefits for both infants and elderly persons. So, What is in Yogurt that is Good for You? Here are some health benefits of having a yogurt in your diet:

Miso: which is made from fermented soybeans, also contains tofu, carrots, seaweed, onions, and a host of other vegetables.. source of Good Bacteria; is a great source of calcium, iron, protein, potassium, B vitamins and also boost your digestive enzymes... Miso help to reduce the risk of heart disease and helps fight some other diseases such as duodenal ulcers and gastritis. Research has proven that people who consume Miso soup on a daily basis are less likely to have stomach cancer than those who don’t.

Kombucha: this type of fermented tea is source of Good Bacteria that would help you maintain a healthy life, it rich source of Glucaric acid that helps fight cancer. All it takes is getting used to the sweet and tart taste to boost the level of probiotics in your body.

With the addition of supplements containing prebiotics, you are sure to boost the level of healthy gut bacteria and avert cases of bowel infections and the existence of harmful toxins in your body.